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PT IDEC ABADI WOOD INDUSTRIES was founded in 1981 by PT Inhutani I (Persero), East Kalindo Co. Ltd and PT Danalaga I. In 2003, the ownership of East Kalindo Co. Ltd and PT Danalaga I were taken over by PT Papua Mandiri Industries, such that the composition of the ownership was then transformed into a joint venture between PT Inhutani I and PT Papua Mandiri Industries.

Since 2003, IDEC has grown to become an innovative leader and is foremost for its broad range of high quality plywood products, and the ability to meet today's demanding schedules. Strategically located in Tarakan - East Kalimantan, we have convenient access to raw materials, and the ability to ship quickly and efficiently to our customers abroad. The raw material is constantly supplied from the forests that are managed sustainably in the area of Forest Management Unit PT Inhutani I.

As an export-oriented company, 98% of IDEC's product is shipped worldwide, with main destinations in Japan and Taiwan. Despite the increasing demand from the Japanese market, we are always seeking the new opportunities to do business and continually expanding our reach to U.S and Europe.
COMPANY VISION To be the forefront plywood manufacturer in Indonesia by delivering high quality products with International standard, and supporting environmental sustainability
  • Continuously improve the performance of the company through product diversification and increasing product quality
  • Continuously improve efficiency in all sectors, particularly in the use of raw materials as an effort to save natural forest resources
  • Continuously improve the quality of human resources to increase competency and efficiency
  • Continuously improve the role in participation of regional development to increase the welfare of society and to reduce unemployment

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